Being Anthouse concerned about the environment, we could not stop thinking about the impact of our diet on the planet's health.

In this aspect we decided to bring the awarded products from Vegusto to Portugal, so people can have more options to follow a Vegetarian/Vegan diet.

Here you can find a variety of products all made with 0% meat and 0% GMO's. From cheese, to sausages, burguers and sandwiche slices, we try to bring all the best Vegan flavours from this Swiss Company.

Some products not listed may be available under request!

The prices differ from the quantity bought, so please contact us directly to make any order :) The delivery time depends on the amount ordered and on the delivery place. Delivery is free of charge in the area of Lisbon!

No-Moo Cheese - Sauce Twin Pack

Cheezy Cream Sauce

No-Moo Cheese - Piquant 200gr pack

Firm, strong and tangy

No-Moo Cheese - Mild-Aromatic 200gr pack

Cheddar Alternative

No-Moo Cheese - Melty Twin Pack 200gr pack

Creamy, cheezy and melty

Vegi-Burguer Classic - 140gr pack

Ideal for your summer barbecues

Mushroom and No-Moo Vegan Burger 140 gr

Mouthwatering combo of mushrooms and creamy cheese

Hot Dog / Wiener Vegan Sausage 250gr pack

Vienesse spice flavoured - gently smoked