Depending on which products you are looking for, our products have different origins. However, no matter which product you want, all of them have in common the care for the environment and the search for the best quality and the best fair trade.

If you are interest in our clothes we can tell you that all the clothes we sell are made from 100% organic cotton, which cames from Bangladesh. We always make sure that the factories we work are safer for the employees and for the environment and all the chemicals used on the production are environmental friendly and they come from Germany and Switzerland. We work with one of the 10 best factories in the world in terms of work conditions and the factory we work with recicles all the water used so there is no water wastage. Also, the electricity used comes from bio-mass energy. 

Regarding our Vegan Food it comes from the Swiss Company Vegusto, which is an awarded company in Vegan Food. We choosed to work with this company due to its quality and its great amount of Vegan alternatives for cheese and meat products, which, although being 100% plant-based, are very rich in flavour. We also decided to bring their products, since they are an environmental concerned company, using renewable energies and none of their products use GMO's or palm oil, for instance.