Anthouse - Our green goal

Born in 2017, AntHouse is a multiproduct company with the goal to provide you with all the things you might need to live a green, vegan and sustainable life.

From your food to your clothes and your home accessories, we believe all the details can make an impact on our future. 

Based in Lisbon, but bringing goods from all over the world, we work every day so we can deliver the finest products to our clients.

Our next big project ECO SUMMIT is coming soon and we are preparing the official website of our first event! Stay tuned :)

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Meet the Origins of our Products

Get to know how our products are made and where they come from.

Fashion Products
All the clothes and fashion items

Here you can find all the range of Clothes and Acessories we sell as well as our Portfolio and all the technical details. 

Prices are available under request. Check the link to know more!

Be Green
Because Our Planet is the only one we have

Get to know our environmental concerned Clothes and our Vegan Food. Here you can find products  which are exclusively made out of our best organic and plant-based fibres. We even have Vegan accesories, entirely cruelty-free! Check the links to know more!

Anthouse World
Let us introduce you our world

Here you can get to know all the products our mother company sells! All the products your company might need we can manage to deliver to you. As an international company please let us know what you need and we will try to get you the best Products.  

Where you can find our products

GreenBeans, MercadoVegan
Legumi Sushi

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